Cultured Pearl with Rose Cup Shells




Bring Home Your Very Own Tiny Cultured Pearl!

Bring Home the Beach! Your tiny cultured pearl has the ability to carry all your memories of refreshing times spent by the water! That’s because it takes you back to that vacation state of mind. You simply need to touch your Getaway and breathe! The stress just floats away.

These little gems are genuine, 3-4 mm, un-drilled, white, freshwater, cultivated pearls.  Twin Rose Cup Sea Shells surround each pearl!  These two little pink shells remind us of pink apple blossoms.  As you can imagine, they perfectly enhance your glowing pearl!

No Holes!

Un-drilled pearls can be difficult to find, especially tiny cultivated pearls. Why are un-drilled pearls so hard to find?  It is a common practice to send pearls off to be drilled as soon as they are  harvested. The Drillers like to set up their machinery very near the Pearl Harvesters. When it is harvested, the pearl goes directly to a Driller to make it ready to string on a pearl strand.

But never fear, our Buyers know all the good places to find pearls!  They make certain that the pearls are sustainable and the oysters are healthy.  The Pearl Growers must be extremely careful when they harvest the pearls.  The oysters must be opened in such a way that the oyster stays alive and healthy, so it will be able to make another tiny cultured pearl!

Key Species

Why is it important to protect oysters?  It’s important because oysters are  known as a “Key Species.”  This means the world eco-system would not work without oysters.

The Amazing Oyster

Oysters are filter animals. Filtering water happens to be their favorite pass-time. They do it all day. This means that the oyster eats all the organic materials in the water and expels clean water!  But at the same time it filters water, the talented oyster can make a tiny cultivated pearl (or a large pearl!) out of any foreign material that gets stuck in its shell. And remarkably, it can do it with no hands!

Dirty Fish Tank Trick

Did you know that if you put several oysters in a dirty fish tank they would have it clean within a few hours? It’s true! And the oysters would be smiling, because they love to filter water! (The part about the smiling may or may not be true, but they would certainly be happy).

As you can probably tell, Gidget’s Getaways gets serious about protecting oysters.  To keep our oceans clean, we need oysters. Also, they need to keep making those beautiful pearls!   Now, this un-drilled tiny cultivated pearl, a real ocean treasure, can be yours!


Gidget Recommends:
The delicate colors of the pearl and Rose Cup Sea Shells look great with a simple Getaway. Use Just Sand along with a Fish Net for a textural backdrop, and a Message for your bottle!

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