Natural Tiny Seashells Mix – Back to Nature!




For a natural look, just add these Natural Tiny Seashells to your Getaway Bottle!

These natural tiny seashells are ultra-tiny!  They are the handiwork of itty-bitty sea artists!  These itty-bitty sea artists happen to be tiny snails that build the seashells up from microscopic size!  If you carry them in your Getaway Bottle, they will help remind you of your beach memories!

We have hand-picked these Natural Tiny Seashells for color and texture.  You can go back to nature with an assorted variety of seashells in their natural colors!

As they tumble and roll around in your Getaway Bottle, the tiny shells give you a relaxing destination feeling.  If you hold one to your ear, you might even hear the echoes of the teeniest ocean!



Imagine a tiny shell.  Now, imagine one even tinier than that!  It’s hard to imagine how tiny these shells are, so the Natural Tiny Shells Mix is shown with our Medium Getaway Bottle.  That bottle measures only approximately 16mm (5/8 inch) in diameter and 35mm (1.4 inch) tall.  So, these tiny shells actually measure less than 5mm or about 3/8 inches wide!

(Bottle sold separately.)


Where in the World Do We Find These Natural Tiny Seashells?


Baby Trochus – Australia

For the most part, Baby Trochus Shells grow in two regions of Australia.  First, it grows in the region off the north coast of Australia, along the Great Barrier Reef.  It also grows in a region located on the beaches of Western Australia.  Unfortunately, the Baby Trochus does not have an Australian accent, however, it can help you remember an Australian accent!

You will enjoy tumbling the Baby Trochus shell around in your Getaway Bottle.  We have chosen a naturally zebra-striped cone-shaped shell!

Factoid: Would you like to know what Baby Trochus like to eat?  Answer: Algae!  Maybe it’s because they have such a small mouth?


Periwinkle – Northern Europe and Northeastern US

That’s right, Periwinkle is not just a crayon color!  We have included another tiny shell, the Periwinkle.  Historically, the Periwinkle grew only along the rocky shores of Northern Europe.  However, in 1857, it was introduced in America.  Because of that, the Periwinkle has become very common along the rocky shores of New England!  Welcome to America!

The Periwinkle is also called the Black Litorina.  A basket-shaped shell with a beautiful swirl on the side, it actually comes in a variety of colors. This time, we have chosen a natural olive green color Periwinkle to add variety to your Natural Tiny Seashells Mix.


Pearl Umbonium – South Pacific

We have also added the Pearl Umbonium shell.  This shell is artsy and fun!  For the most part, the Umbonium is found in the South Pacific, around the shores of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have pictured it in the middle of the three shells.  In the photo, you can see why it is called “Pearl” Umbonium.  The humble Umbonium has built its shell with beautiful mother-of-pearl!

The Umbonium is also called the “Button-top Shell.”  We like to call it a “Cinnamon Bun Shell” because it is shaped like a tiny cinnamon bun!  The “Cinnamon Bun Shell” lives just under the beach’s surface, where it continually polishes its shell on the shifting sand.  Because of this, it has a fine polish and luster.

Also, since the Pearl Umbonium is so shiny, it is a favorite shell of the hermit crab!  It reminds us of the song Shiny! from the movie, Moana!



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