Message in a Bottle-Choose or Write Your Own!




Tiny Message in a Miniature Bottle

Choose a BLANK Message Kit to create your own or select one of our Uplifting Pre-printed Messages!   As you can see in the photo, our Messages come on real parchment paper!  In addition to the authentic paper, our BLANK Message Kit includes colorful bands to hold the rolled up message, and a tool to roll up your message.  Write This kit contains everything you need to Write Your Own tiny Message in a Bottle!

Depending on which size Getaway Bottle you build, you should select Small, Medium or Large Messages to add to your bottle.  The bottles are tiny, so they need a tiny message, but even the tiniest messages can be clearly read!  Ink colors and band colors on the messages vary, and can be ordered, if desired, to create the look you want.

What Can a Message in a Bottle Do For You?

First, you can store memories of special times with loved ones in a Getaway for years to come.  That way, you can remind yourself of great times!  Your Getaway can be worn as a pendant, or put it in your pocket, or in a book bag to remind yourself of your seaside adventures!  Then, because your Getaway is a conversation starter, you will be able to impress your friends with stories about your travels!  Your friends and co-workers are sure to ask you about your Message in a Bottle!

Relieves Stress!

Let your message be your reminder to close your eyes and breathe!  When you breathe deeply, you can practically smell the salt air!  There’s nothing as wistful as a message in a bottle. Now, you can capture that vacation state of mind and wear it on your neck!

What Can a Message in a Bottle Do for Others?

You may wish to thank a co-worker!

Possibly uplift a teacher!

You can touch a heart!

How about sending a mysterious message to a friend?

You can even write your very own message, roll it up for a “special someone” and put it in a tiny Getaway to be found in some mysterious way!  Or on a certain future date!  Or in a familiar place!

Choose a Pre-printed Uplifting Message for a friend or co-worker!  Or if you like, write a personal encouragement using our BLANK Message Kit!


Bit of Message in a Bottle History:

Did you know, creative people have been putting messages in bottles for much longer than a century!

For example, in 310 BC, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus put sealed bottles into the sea as a part of an experiment to prove the Atlantic Ocean flows into the Mediterranean Sea!  Actually, no one knows how that turned out, however the Atlantic Ocean does flow into the Mediterranean Sea, so at least his theory was correct!

However, the story we like is about a fisherman in the Baltic Sea.  To his surprise in 2014, this fisherman pulled up a bottle with a message that was dated 1913!  That means it had been at sea for 101 years!

It appears the bottle had been thrown in the ocean off the coast of Germany.  In it, he was amazed to find a stamped postcard dated 1913, directing the finder to mail it to his address in Berlin!  Because it was so amazing, the fisherman decided to follow up.  Upon consulting a genealogist, the fisherman found that the author of the postcard, a man, had since died.  However, the genealogist found the man’s grand-daughter, still alive and well at age 62!  So the fisherman made contact with the grand-daughter.  She was amazed to see a postcard from her grandfather after all those many years.  The fisherman made her a gift of the bottle and postcard, and today, as a result, both can be seen in a museum in Hamburg, Germany!

Get Started Today on your Message in a Bottle!


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Your message is a precious mantra, so why not add something precious to your Getaway Bottle? Dazzlers, Toppers, and Sea Glass are made with genuine gemstones and will lend just the right amount of interest.



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