Glitter Sand – With Sparkling Seafoam!




Sparkle it Up!  Glitter Sand is Just What You Need to Sparkle up Your Getaway!

Glitter Sand comes from the sand of a beautiful barefoot beach, with fine glitter added, and is there to remind you of the sparkling seafoam on your magical Getaway!  You may choose from eight exciting beachy colors, inspired by sunsets, islands, palm trees, and waves!  And it’s sustainably sourced!

If you’re especially craving a memory of ocean-bathed beaches, this sparkly, gleaming sand is just for you!  Glitter Sand will animate your Getaway with dazzle!  That’s because this sand twinkles!  Genuine, sun-baked, white coral sand makes up it’s base, but the beautiful hues of color light up your color scheme!

Whether you want to remember the look of sparkling water and shining sand or bright, warm, slapping of waves, this is the sand to use!  Because it gleams freely in your Getaway Bottle, it sets off the treasures you have added.  Just like the beach, it enhances many treasures!


You Can Experiment!

Because this is your own creation, you can fill your bottle with Just Sand or add almost none, depending on the look you want to create!  To see how you like it the best, experiment with different amounts of sand in your Getaway.  For example, in order to show off the other items in your Getaway, use less sand.  If you’d rather emphasize the sparkly look, use more sand.  Of course, there is no right or wrong way to build your Getaway – it’s all up to you!


Glitter Sand is Clean Sanitized Sand – Virtually No Organics!

Glitter Sand is sanitized for your protection and contains an inert additive to prevent caking.  We have baked it, boiled it, rinsed it, and sifted it and we guarantee it is just clean sand!


Why Does the Beach Appear to Change Colors Throughout the Day?

First, the beach sand on tropical islands often a white color due to it’s make-up of calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate makes up most of the material in beach sand, and it is basically white.  But the beach tends to shift to different colors depending on the atmospheric conditions surrounding the area and time of day.  At midnight, the beach can look almost blue.  When the sun rises, it appears golden.  Sunset brings a range from orange to pink to purple in an instant.  After a storm it can seem to be a green color.  In the middle of the day in bright sun, silver is all you can see.  What is your favorite time at the beach?  Choose a Glitter Sand that reflects that memory!


 Add Glitter Sand to Remember Your Favorite Time at the Beach!



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