Fish Nets – Cute, Coastal and Creative!




Miniature Fish Net Background

Let this sparkling Miniature Fish Net give the perfect coastal appeal to your Getaway Bottle!

Put a Miniature Fish Net in your Getaway and see it create a beautiful textural backdrop!  It will set off your other ingredients, but without stealing the show!  This means your fish net is perfect for layering your Getaway.  Use this along with other elements such as  Seashells or Cultured Pearls!

As you can see, this ingredient has a hint of sparkle and just a touch of warm color. Because of it’s subtle look, it’s a nice addition to a Getaway Bottle.  So, if your Getaway Bottle is otherwise low-key, a Miniature Fish Net will add a lot of interest without being overwhelming.


Fishermen’s Paradise

A most common sight all around the world’s beaches is the sight of fishermen mending their nets.  Quietly, they sit next to their beached fishing boats, waves slapping, as they carefully make their nets secure.  After they are done, snippets of net can be found all around these beaches.   Now, you can bring home a tiny piece of the fish net in your Getaway Bottle to remind you of that relaxing place!


Turtle Tangle

Over the years, fishnets have been abandoned and lost in storms as the fishermen go about their work.  Modern oceanographers are on a quest to help keep our oceans clean and safe.  However, many times sea turtles and other sea life have gotten tangled in the sunken nets.  Today, abandoned and lost fishnets have become one of the main items for which ocean scientists search.   Now, there is a large-scale effort to clean up those nets in major fishing areas.

As they are removing the nets, Scientists sometimes find a sea turtle or sea animal that has been caught.  As you can imagine, one of the best parts of their job is when they are able to remove the net and set the animal free!

In fact, we have a sea turtle rescue center very near the town where we make Gidget’s Getaways,  The Marine Science Center The Marine Science Center specializes in rehabilitating and returning sea turtles back into their natural habitats!  Because of their great work, they are helping to keep the ocean safe for all our sea life.

So that is why your Miniature Fish Net can come in handy!  It can help keep those sea turtles in mind because your Getaway Bottle is with you even when you are not at the beach!

In addition, you’ll receive tons of compliments from your family and friends, and even perfect strangers!


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You can also pair the Miniature Fish Net with a rolled up Message and a Baby Shark Tooth to set the right coastal tone!


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