Under the Sea – Add a Coral Accent that will Leave No Eco-footprint!




Try Eco-friendly Coral for an Under-the-Sea Color Flash!

Our Eco-friendly Coral Substitutes will bring a pop of Under-the-Sea REEF-LIKE COLOR to your Getaway Bottle! This means ocean dreaming is within your reach with beautiful color combinations available!  You will look smashing in your Getaway!  But also, your Getaway will remind you and your friends to remember our coral reefs.

(In fact, our Eco-friendly Coral Substitutes grow naturally.  This is because they are made from soft spongy moss. This moss grows tree-like in the same way many corals grow! These little darlings are every bit as cute in your Getaway as a real coral.  And with virtually no eco-system footprint!)

Hi! Call Me Coral!  (Mee too!) (me too!) (mE 2!)

Who knew?  Coral is made up of colonies of hundreds or even thousands of tiny flower-like polyps. First, these polyps absorb calcium from the water. Then they use it to create limestone skeletons for themselves!

Reef Relief – Keep Us in Mind!

Healthy coral reefs mean healthy oceans! Healthy oceans mean healthy planet!

Coral reefs continue to be one of the world’s most colorful and diverse ecosystems!  They cover only about 1 percent of the ocean floor, but coral reefs have a huge effect on the health of the rest of the world!

You may like to know these 5 fascinating coral facts:

1. Did you know corals are not plants? They’re actually animals!  And,  amazingly enough, they are relatives of jellyfish and anemones!

2. Though corals are animals, they must rely on photo-synthesis to survive.   However, the coral polyps don’t actually do the photo-synthesis.  Surprisingly, microscopic algae live within the cells which line the digestive cavity of the polyp. These little algae photo-synthesize most of the energy for the coral!  Therefore, the two organisms live in a symbiotic arrangement that allows both of them survive!

3. Reefs formed by corals are one of the most bio-diverse marine areas on the planet!  They house hundreds and even thousands of species.  This diversity is due to the fact that reefs are an important location for finding food and shelter.  Reefs also act as nurseries for large fish species.  The reefs keep the babies safe until they are large enough to strike out into the deeper ocean.

4. Coral reefs are also important to the development of new medicines!  According to NOAA, “Coral reef plants and animals are important sources of new medicines being developed.  Medicines from corals are being developed to treat diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and viruses.”

5. Coral reefs are valuable to the fishing and tourism industries.  They also protect shorelines from storm damage.  However, World Resources Institute estimates that nearly 60 percent of the world’s coral reefs are in some way threatened by human activity.

Gidgets Getaways Cares About our Coral Communities!

That’s why we providc a coral substitute to remind us to take care of our branchy animal cousins!

Colorful Eco-friendly Coral – Make it your own!



Gidget’s Recommendations:
Keep it simple…or don’t! Your Getaway Bottle is your very own. If you want rainbow colors, why argue with Mother Nature? She’s the one who made coral reefs in such spectacular shades! Go all out with brightly colored Sea Glass and a gemstone Dazzler!







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