Cork Screws




Put some movement and sparkle inside your Getaway Bottle! Crafted from genuine gemstone beads, Sterling silver, and Swarovski® Crystals, these glittering beauties screw into the bottom of your cork and hang down into your Getaway Bottle to provide color and visual interest.

Note: Cork Screws are incompatible with Bottle Toppers, so you’ll need to choose a Topper-friendly Bauble instead!

Gidget Recommends:
Cork Screws look great dangling inside a taller bottle. Make sure to keep your other accessories low to enable it to swing freely. Try mixing it with Sea Glass, Glitter Sand, and a Cultured Pearl for a winning combination!

Corkscrews include:

  • Barefoot Beach – Carnelian, Butterscotch Chalcedony
  • Coastal Treasures – Carnelian, Swarovski® Crystal
  • Coral Sands – Faceted Amethyst, Butterscotch Chalcedony
  • Day Spa – Blue Quartz, Swarovski® Crystal
  • Flip Flop Florida – Lapis Lazuli, Swarovski® Crystal
  • Fun in the Sun – Aventurine, Butterscotch Chalcedony
  • Mermaid Kisses – Freshwater Pearl, Swarovski® Crystal
  • Pearl Coast – Freshwater Pearl, Blue Quartz
  • Sandy Toes – Butterscotch Chalcedony, Lilac Amethyst
  • Starfish Bay – Freshwater Pearl, Aventurine
  • Sunrise Surprise – Blue Quartz, Aventurine
  • Turtle Time – Lilac Amethyst, Swarovski® Crystal


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