Confetti Shells – Make Your Getaway Sizzle!




Add Colorful Confetti Shells for a Splashy Accent!

Colorful Confetti Shells are dyed saltwater Trochus shells in a potpourri of cheery, tropical colors!  As a result, you can use any combination of hues and it will make your Getaway Bottle beachy and bright!  Choose from nine fun colors to coordinate with your bottle ingredients. (Sold in sets of three.)


Pearly Colors

While the dyed Trochus shells are a different colors, they all have a beautiful pearly surface that adds shine to your Getaway!  Check out the different colors pictured to see the great variety.  In addition, you can hand-pick these colors on our Bottle Builder to see what the colors will look like together in your Getaway.  There is no getting around it – if you want a “Splash with Panache” throw in some tiny Colorful Confetti Shells!  


As they tumble and roll around in your Getaway Bottle, these colorful shells will remind you of the whole spectrum colors you’ve experienced on your travel adventures!  Relax and enjoy the memories – touch your Getaway and breathe!  Stress relief is automatic!


The tiny dyed Trochus Shells are shown with our Medium Getaway Bottle.   As you can see, these shells are ultra-tiny!  However, here are some dimensions to help you really picture them:  The Medium Getaway Bottle is only approximately 16mm (5/8 inch) in diameter and 35mm (1.4 inch) tall.  So, the shells are actually less than 5mm or about 3/8 inches wide!

(Bottle sold separately.)

Where in the World Do We Find These Tiny Trochus Shells?

Baby Trochus – Australia

For the most part, Baby Trochus grow in two regions of Australia.  First, it grows in the region off the north coast of Australia, along the Great Barrier Reef.  Then, it also grows in a region located on the beaches of Western Australia.  Unfortunately, due to the fact it can’t speak, the Baby Trochus does not have an Australian accent, however, it can make you remember an Australian accent!

Factoid: Would you like to know what Baby Trochus like to eat?  Answer: Algae!  Perhaps it’s because they have such a small mouth?



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